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Aviva Ireland - AEM Migration


In 2017 Aviva started migrating its existing global websites to Adobe Experience Manager using a design framework of components and rules specifically designed for uniting our global sites. As a company the strategy was to substantially reduce the number of pages we had, rewriting content, and redesigning using the design framework.


Redesign the homepage and five product pages (Driving School, Motor, Home, Life & Protection, Claims) and their respective supporting pages for Aviva Ireland in line with Aviva's design framework to work with AEM. For this case study I'll focus on Driving School.

My role:

Lead the ux work on the project, support junior ux designers in Ireland, and work with lead visual design to ensure consistency throughout the project.


Kicking off the project I started off with travelling to Galway, Ireland along with my change manager and product owner to run a two day introduction and workshop with the local team. Starting with Driving School our goal was to understand the product, it's offering, and where it needed to be improved for both the business and our customers.

Empathy mapping

Empathy mapping


Following the workshop and discovery with key stakeholders one of the main causes for confusion and increasing calls into customer service was the breakdown of the lesson packages for Driving School. Split into three packages labelled Educate, Achieve, and Decision, on a glance the packages were not clear as to which one a beginning learner would choose. Each section relied on supporting copy to explain and there was no hierarchy between the three packages.

Previous Driving School site

Previous Driving School site

From data and feedback we found that the majority of people coming to the site were new learners, parents of learner, and instructors. Of that user set the main package sold was the educate package of lessons.

With this all in mind I sought to attempt to re-label the packages as levels and present one at a time rather than all three together.



Using existing framework components I started to put together the pages all the while working with Ireland's content team and feeding back what we could and couldn't do. As well as working with content I worked with our AEM team to make sure everything I was designing was available and feasible in AEM for this project.

Wireframe of new Driving School product page

Wireframe of new Driving School product page

Visual Design:

After completing wireframes, signing off with all major stakeholders, and making any necessary changes I handed over the designs to our lead visual designer on the project. We worked closely throughout to maintain consistency and met daily to check on progress.

This has now gone live and can be seen on https://www.aviva.ie/lessons/driving-school/

Final version live on Aviva.ie

Final version live on Aviva.ie