UX Designer


Negotiator app

Movebubble - Negotiator App

A startup focused on creating a far greater experience for London's renters.

In my capacity as UX designer at Movebubble I worked on the creation and continuing refinement of the our business facing product, the Negotiator App.

Early stages of the app were created based on studying the day to day activities of estate agents as well as the needs of the renters from agents. I hosted workshops to test and gather feedback on initial sketches and prototypes. 

Once out of testing and into the app store I continued to refine the app and redesigned it using both continuing agent interviews and data to inform my decisions. Learning SQL and Google Analytics became key to the process as it meant I could identify opportunities to improve the experience but also back up decisions in stakeholder meetings.

Live in app store: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/movebubble-partners/id1112918783?mt=8